Ladawan-1 well proves non-commercial results
Monday, Nov 20, 2017
Tap Oil provides the following update on exploration drilling at the Ladawan-1 exploration well in the G1/48 concession in the northern Gulf of Thailand (Tap Oil 30% interest).

Mubadala Petroleum, operator of the G1/48 concession and the Manora oil field, has advised that drilling of the Ladawan-1 exploration well has reached total depth at approximately 2,175m true vertical depth subsea (TVDSS).

Interpretation of the logging while drilling data shows approximately 3.3m of oil column in the primary reservoir target below a depth of 2,033m TVDSS. The result is not viewed as commercial and the well has been plugged and abandoned.

Tap is working with the operator who continues to evaluate the results, and these will be incorporated into the overall understanding of the field and potential of the area.

The Ensco 115 drilling has now moved off location to prepare to drill Manora-6 prospect, in the Manora production area.

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