Erin Energy responds to inaccurate media reports regarding Oyo field operations
Thursday, Mar 15, 2018
Erin Energy Corporation (“Erin Energy” or the “Company”) (NYSE American:ERN) (JSE:ERN) today responded to recent media reports regarding its Oyo field operations, calling the articles inaccurate.

Most of the articles’ content, which appeared in print and online, contained nearly identical text, indicating it was likely sourced from an unidentified third party. The articles erroneously contended that a Nigerian court had ordered the “take over” of the Oyo oil field.

In fact, a party attempted to enforce a writ against certain Erin Energy equipment. The writ in question was based on a court order pertaining to parties unrelated to Erin Energy, and a Nigerian court has subsequently ruled that actions taken to enforce the writ against Erin Energy were an abuse of legal process.

“We take seriously these inaccuracies floating around, and caution those behind these stories, and their agents, from misleading members of the public in the future,” said Femi Ayoade, Chief Executive Officer.

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