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Rosneft announces Public hearings in Nakhodka For FEPCO construction project
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013

Far East Petrochemical Company held public hearings in the village of Vrangel in Nakhodka City District on the materials regarding the environmental impact of a petrochemical complex construction in Nakhodka. Local community, environmentalists and NGOs attended the hearings.

The discussion was preceded by activities of the public offices open in Nakhodka City District and Partizansky Municipal Area, to which anyone concerned could come and learn more about the Environmental Impact Assessment project for the future industrial complex.

On January 14 FEPCO attended the roundtable meeting of the Russian Environment Protection Society and Nakhodka City District on the results of environmental monitoring of FEPCO projected facilities impact. The experts of the REPS presented a list of their recommendations on reduction of environmental impact during construction of the petrochemical plant. A member of the Central Council of REPS Mr. Alexander Kazakov noted a constructive approach taken by the management of FEPCO, who have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the environmentalists, having presented the necessary information on the project. According to the REPS experts, the advanced technology proposed by the designers will provide for construction of a modern petrochemical complex in Nakhodka free of any damage to the local environment.

The management of FEPCO gave a separate note to collaboration with the public and environmentalists. All arriving recommendations are being analyzed for the purpose of their incorporation into the final design documents. The management of FEPCO also had a number of meetings with the local community to address the issues of the citizens' concern.

Source: Rosneft

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