4Eco tells Business Leaders about the Financial Benefits of On-site Solar Generation
Thursday, Aug 28, 2014

4Eco, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of microgen diversion devices, has provided detailed information on how UK businesses can reap financial rewards by making renewables a key part of their energy mix.
Contributing two chapters to the Institute of Director’s Clean Tech; Clean Profits book, the innovative company addresses the key challenge of ensuring any investment in solar technology makes sound financial sense, exploring both the technologies available and the potential for businesses to self-consume their freely-generated electricity.
Lee Sutton, technical director at 4Eco, provided a detailed overview of the solar options available to business and the opportunities to achieve financial gains. “Corporate annual energy bills can reach thousands, if not millions of pounds, but this could all change by embracing efficient and cost-effective technology. Next-generation solar systems are dropping in price, but have limitless upscaling potential if specified correctly and can almost eliminate utility bills in many circumstances,” he explains.
Jodi Huggett, innovation director at 4Eco, delivered a comprehensive report into how automated diversion technologies can help businesses to self-consume free electricity, significantly reducing energy costs. She adds: “Although a relatively new concept, the principle of self-consumption is simple. By diverting electricity generated by on-site microgeneration systems directly where it is needed most, it is possible to use green energy in more efficient ways, maximising the impact of power generation investment and directly influencing returns.
“A select number of systems, like 4Eco’s immerSUN, are taking the idea of self-consumption further by fully automating the process and giving users the opportunity to use 100% of green energy without any manual involvement. Unique in the marketplace, the immerSUN is the only microgen diversion device to meet all relevant international electronic compliances.
“Our aim, by contributing to this book and getting involved in wider business initiatives, is to help key decision makers understand and indeed optimise the full potential that on-site renewable microgeneration can deliver to UK businesses.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.4ecoltd.co.uk/

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