88 Energy provides operations update
Monday, May 21, 2018
88 Energy has announced the following update for its projects located on the North Slope of Alaska.


  • Production testing at Icewine-2 scheduled to recommence 11th June 2018
    • Site clearance works commenced at Franklin Bluffs pad
    • Final preparations for mobilisation of test equipment underway
  • 3D seismic processing on schedule
Project Icewine – Icewine-2 Production Testing

Site works have commenced to clear snow and ice from the Franklin Bluffs gravel pad to enable access to the Icewine-2 wellhead. Pressure gauges will then be retrieved from downhole and data anaylsed to determine if any reservoir degradation is observed, which may require remedial action such as reperforation of the target intervals. Concurrently, test equipment including separators, tanks and nitrogen lift units will be mobilized to site ahead of the scheduled commencement of flow testing on the 11th June 2018.

The flow testing program has been designed to utilize nitrogen lift to assist the removal of up to an additional 4,000 barrels of fluid from the HRZ reservoir. It is anticipated that this will enable the hydrocarbons in the reservoir to flow naturally to surface at a representative rate. Based on modelling of the reservoir pressure and fracture conductivity, this is estimated to take 10-14 days. The well will then continue to be flowed back to ascertain drawdown pressure and decline rate.

3D Seismic Processing

Processing of recently acquired 3D seismic at both Project Icewine and the Yukon Gold leases is progressing as per schedule.

Early products from the Project Icewine 3D survey are expected to be received mid-year prior to commencement of a formal farm-out process related to the conventional prospectivity already identified over the Western Margin leases at the project.

The Yukon Gold 3D data is expected in Q4 2018 and will assist in assessment of the potential of the Yukon Gold oil discovery as well as delineation of any additional potential on the leases.

Managing Director, Dave Wall, commented:

‘The team remains busy on several fronts; however, focus is now clearly on the imminent recommencement of production testing at the Icewine-2 well. Regular updates will be provided as works progress, as appropriate.’

For more information, please visit: http://88energy.com

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