Bergen Group awarded contract with Sartor Offshore for the construction of three vessels with total value of NOK 1 billion
Thursday, Jan 13, 2011
Bergen Group BMV has been awarded contracts from Sartor Offshore AS for the construction of three multi-purpose offshore vessels with a total value of about NOK 1 billion. The newbuilding program has a strong focus on environmentally solutions based on high safety and flexibility.
The contract for the first vessel has a value of approximately NOK 330 million, and the vessel is scheduled for delivery in 3 quarter 2012. The ship will then go into a 10-year lease agreement with Statoil for operations in the North Sea. This contract is made subject to final funding to be solved before end of January 2011.

The contracts on the other two ships have a value of approximately NOK 670 million, and require final funding in place during the 2 quarter of 2011. Both these vessels are to be delivered within the end of 2012.

“These contracts confirm our strong market position in constructing advanced offshore vessel for a demanding international market. We look forward to delivering environmentally friendly and future oriented ships to an well established company known for setting high standards of quality”, says CEO Terje Sjumarken at Bergen Group BMV.

Next-generation rescue vessel Sartor Offshore’s extensive renewal project of their fleet has a strong focus on environment, safety and flexibility. All three ships have a very low fuel consumption compared with the corresponding tonnage, and the vessels are equipped with fuel catalyzers that reduce the NOx emissions by 90 percent. The design layout is optimized for operations under demanding conditions.

The first ship to be delivered Sartor Offshore is characterized as the next-generation multi-purpose offshore emergency rescue and response support vessel. The ship is a multifunctional vessel of design type VS 465 MK II, developed by Wärtsilä Ship Design in close cooperation with the shipping company. The ship has a length of 74 meters and is specially designed to protect both emergency preparedness operations as well as demanding rescue operations. The ship is an improved version of the VS 465, a design that is used in the company’s currently newest ship which will operate for Gaz de France on the Gjøa field in the North Sea west of the Norwegian town Florø. The two other ships contracted are based on a VS 480-design. These ships have a length of 80 meters.

“Development and renewal of the fleet of ships is crucial when we negotiate with our clients. The company has ambitions to be one of the leaders in oil-spill preparedness. It will be established a new standard in this area with the ships we have in our fleet renewal plan for the next year, “said CEO Roy Wareberg in Sartor Offshore. The company has emphasized on equipping the vessels with top modern installations and facilities needed to serve the regulations and specifications expected from an offshore emergency rescue and response support vessel. The ship will have residue recuperation equipment for oil and chemicals, special radars that measure pollution levels, oil skimmers and similar equipment. The ships are also outfitted with advanced equipment for fire protection and fire fighting.  

Source: Bergen Group

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