ACC and LONGI Solar team up to build high efficiency distributed solar
Friday, Mar 31, 2017
Asia Clean Capital (“ACC”) today announced a cooperation agreement with LONGI LERRI Solar Technology Co., Ltd (“LONGI Solar”), a fully-owned subsidiary of LONGI Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., to co-develop an identified solar pipeline of 300 megawatts in Mainland China. Mr. Thomas Lapham, CEO of ACC and Mr. Wenxue Li, President of LONGI Solar attended the signing ceremony at LERRI’s exhibition hall during Solar Power Expo 2017. Under the terms of the Agreement ACC will provide construction and financing for the solar systems and LONGI Solar will provide technical support, equipment supply, and other services for associated rooftops.

ACC and LONGI Solar have initiated the cooperation on a series of solar projects invested by ACC, including a 14MW WISCO rooftop solar station in Wuhan, in which LONGI Solar provides mono-crystalline solar modules and ACC invests in, constructs, and owns the project. The project is the largest rooftop monocrystalline silicon soar PV project in Central China.

According to Thomas Lapham, CEO of ACC, “LONGI Solar is the world’s largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline cells and solar modules. Working with LONGI Solar we can build the industry’s highest quality facilities and provide the most efficient energy services to our energy partners nationwide.”

About Asia Clean Capital

Asia Clean Capital Ltd. (“ACC”) is a leading clean energy solutions developer that serves large multinational and domestic firms throughout China. Focused on rooftop solar projects, ACC invests 100 percent of the project costs and provides the design, engineering, equipment, government approvals, installation, and long-term maintenance of solar systems. All electricity produced is then provided to clients at agreed rates lower than when purchased from the local power grid. Typical project sites are large production facilities with electric demand of between one to twenty megawatts. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Hong Kong.

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