Aggreko to power Egyptian gas project
Monday, May 19, 2014

CAIRO, May 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Aggreko, the world’s leading temporary power and temperature control services has signed a contract with RWE Dea to deliver a 4 MW power plant to the Disouq onshore natural gas facility located in the Nile Delta in northern Egypt. RWE Dea has been operating in Egypt as an oil producer for nearly 30 years, with the Disouq project being the company’s first natural gas development in the country.

Production at Disouq commenced in September 2013 and the project is expected to produce a total volume of approximately 11.4 billion cubic metres of natural gas. The Aggreko installation will power operations across the entire site ensuring a constant and reliable power supply. The gas produced at the project will make a substantial contribution towards supplying the growing energy market in Egypt.

“We are delighted to be supporting industry in Egypt during this important period for the country,” commented James Shepherd, Managing Director, Aggreko Southern and East Africa. “Access to high-quality, reliable power will be vital in helping get local industry up and running, bringing jobs and prosperity to the people of Egypt. We see high potential in the local market and Aggreko will be investing to increase our presence in the country.”

Aggreko provides power and temperature control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly, or for a short or indeterminate length of time. Examples would be the supply of power to an industrial site which needs to service its permanent power supply, supplying a whole city in times of power shortage, or providing a major sporting event with power and cooling systems. We serve our customers either through our 202 service centres, which we call the Local business, or globally through our Power Projects business.

In the Local business, which accounts for about half of our revenues, we hire our equipment to customers, who then operate it for themselves, although we retain responsibility for servicing and maintaining it. In the Power Projects business, which also accounts for about half of our revenues, we operate as a power producer. We install and operate power plants and we charge our customers both for providing the generating capacity, and for the electricity we produce. We design and manufacture equipment specifically for these requirements in our factory in Dumbarton, Scotland.

Recent customers include the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Ryder Cup and Cirque du Soleil and the power utilities in over 50 countries including the UK, France, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and the USA.

In 2013 we fulfilled almost 48,000 customers’ assignments and 72% of those who responded to our research gave us a recommendation of 9 or 10 out of 10.

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