Aibel delivers first module for Sverdrup drilling platform
Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017
The Main Support Frame for the Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform is now complete. To mark its largest individual delivery to date, Aibel Thailand recently hosted a proud celebration.

Weighing in at 10,800 tons and the size of a football field, the Main Support Frame for the Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform, also called the MSF module, is the largest module ever built on Thai soil. It is also the largest individual assignment Aibel’s yard in Laem Chabang has ever delivered.

The construction work in Thailand started in December 2015, barely 10 months after Statoil awarded Aibel the contract for the Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform. Buddhist monks, wishing success for Aibel and the local Thai community, blessed the first steel. 19 months later, it is safe to say that their wishes have come true. The project is delivered to the agreed quality and time – an achievement that was proudly celebrated with a Sail Away party for employees, suppliers and invited guests at the yard last week.

The Buddhist monks were also welcomed back to give their blessings. The day started at the yard’s spirit houses, where major milestones like this are marked with offerings and prayer. Then the official program started, with speeches from, among others, Aibel and Statoil’s project directors and the Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand. The guests were also given a tour of the MSF module, which is now ready for transportation to Norway.

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