Aker BP plugging wells on Valhall using power from shore
Friday, Jun 09, 2017
Maersk Invincible is being supplied with electricity through the Valhall field. It is probably the first time ever a drilling rig is being powered fully from shore.

“This is a pioneer project for Aker BP. Electrifying the drilling rig allows us to significantly cut local CO2 and NOx emissions. This is in line with our strategy of developing solutions that contribute to minimising the environmental consequences of our activities,” says Valhall field director, Per Mikal Hauge in Aker BP.

Calculations show that electrification of the drilling rig will reduce local emissions by 15,200 tonnes of CO2 and 168 tonnes of NOx every year.

Available power capacity

Aker BP has hired Maersk Invincible for five years. The brand new drilling rig arrived at the Valhall field in early May. During the next years, the rig will permanently plug a total of 18 wells from the Valhall DP platform.

“The Valhall field receives power from Lista through a 294-km long subsea cable. We had available power supply capacity and Maersk Drilling made a commitment to facilitate electrification of the Maersk Invincible when it was built in South Korea,” Hauge explains.

Support from the NOx fund

Maersk Invincible started plugging operations on the Valhall field on Sunday, 28 May. The rig receives power from the Valhall IP platform through a 500-metre high-voltage cable. Modifications were necessary to prepare for power supply to the rig.

Aker BP has received award of support up to NOK 42 million from the Norwegian business sector’s NOx Fund for the electrification project.

“Aker BP wants to prevent harm to the environment through energy efficiency and reducing emissions to air. With the electrification of Maersk Invincible, we are reducing our emissions even further,” Hauge concludes.

About Valhall

Plugging wells is a key part of the work to modernise the Valhall field centre. The three original platforms from when the field started producing in 1982 – QP, DP and PCP – will be removed. The remaining platforms in the field centre – IP, WP and PH – will produce for many, many years to come.

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