Aminex: Kiliwani North update
Monday, Oct 05, 2015
Aminex advises that the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (“TPDC”) has notified the Company of its intention to acquire a 5% working interest in the Kiliwani North Development Licence (“KNDL”) and will become a full working interest partner going forward.

Under the terms of the Nyuni East Songo-Songo Production Sharing Agreement which governs the KNDL, TPDC has the right to acquire a 5% interest and it is this right which is now being exercised. The assignment of this working interest will be subject to TPDC:

1. reimbursing the Joint Venture Partners with TPDC’s proportionate share of development capital expenditure on the licence to date; and

2. becoming a party to the KNDL Joint Operating Agreement.

Once concluded, Aminex’s interest in the KNDL will become 55.575% (current interest 58.5%).

The KNDL contains the Kiliwani North gas field which the Company expects to produce initially at up to approximately 30 mmcfd. Production from Kiliwani North will be a significant milestone for Aminex. The KN-1 well has now been tied into the main pipeline infrastructure and is awaiting completion of the adjacent Songo Songo processing plant. The Company has been advised that this will be completed shortly and commissioning gas is to be produced thereafter.

The Company would like to thank all shareholders for their continued patience regarding the Gas Sales Agreement (“GSA”), which has been largely completed for some time and is now in the concluding stage of finalisation and formal approval. The Company will continue to keep shareholders informed on progress.

Aminex CEO, Jay Bhattacherjee, commented: “We are pleased and encouraged to welcome TPDC as a working interest partner in Kiliwani North. By exercising this option, TPDC confirms the importance to Tanzania of gas from the Kiliwani North project and aligns its interests with those of the joint venture partners.”

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