Angus Energy receives Brockham field OGA approval
Monday, Oct 23, 2017
Angus Energy, a conventional oil and gas development company, has announced that, subsequent to its RNS of 22 September 2017, the Company has received final approval from the Oil and Gas Authority (‘OGA’) for its Field Development Plan Addendum at the Brockham Oil Field (Production License PL235).

As stated in the Company RNS of 11 May 2017,  this OGA approval is the final regulatory consent needed for the Company to begin production from the Kimmeridge layers in well BR-X4Z (‘X4Z’).

The X4Z Well will inititially produce from a 200 meter (‘m’) naturally fractured section of a 385m thick, Kimmeridge interbedded shale and limestone layer.  Further technical guidance can be found in the Company’s RNS of 3 March 2017.

Prior to initiating production, Angus Energy will install a connection to the National Grid for the   distribution of excess power generated on-site as outlined in the Company RNS of 22 September 2017.

Upon completion of this installation, production from X4Z will commence. Angus Energy will update the market in due course.

The Company reiterates there will be no hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ at the Brockham Oil Field.

Angus Energy’s previous guidance on the Brockham Field remains unchanged.

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