APLNG signs new pipeline deal with APA Group
Tuesday, Sep 06, 2016
Australia Pacific LNG today signed a 20-year Gas Transportation Agreement with APA Group which will see APA Group build and operate a pipeline from the Australia Pacific LNG network directly to the Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub.

The 50km bi-directional pipeline, starting from Australia Pacific LNG’s Reedy Creek site, is the shortest distance between the facilities and the Hub, securing firm, direct access to the market.

Australia Pacific LNG CEO, Page Maxson, said: “We are pleased to announce this long-term agreement with APA Group, a significant owner of east coast gas transportation infrastructure.

“Australia Pacific LNG’s strong reserve position provides flexibility and, given Wallumbilla Hub’s position as a strategic point in the east coast gas market, this new pipeline will provide us the opportunity to participate flexibly and fully in Australia’s dynamic gas market,” Mr Maxson said.

Australia Pacific LNG is the largest producer of natural gas in eastern Australia, currently providing approximately 25 per cent of domestic gas to the east coast market.

“As one of Australia’s main suppliers of domestic gas, Australia Pacific LNG supports the work that the COAG Energy Council, AEMC and AEMO have done in establishing and working with industry to ensure the Hub’s success,” Mr Maxson said.

About Australia Pacific LNG

Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited is an incorporated joint venture between ConocoPhillips (37.5%), Origin Energy Limited (37.5%) and Sinopec (25%). Australia Pacific LNG includes the development of Australia Pacific LNG’s substantial coal seam gas resources in the Surat and Bowen Basins, a 530 km transmission pipeline, and a multi-train LNG facility on Curtis Island, near Gladstone.

For more information, please visit : https://www.aplng.com.au

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