ASV Pioneer successfully delivers on another salvage operation contract
Thursday, Oct 26, 2017
The ASV Pioneer has successfully completed work on a salvage and wreck recovery operation located off the coast of Denmark, and is now moored in Germany.  

The ASV Pioneer is an ABS classed work and accommodation barge with 8 point mooring, the vessel will shortly be available for deployment on its next contract having successfully just completed its second salvage contract.  The vessel will be berthed initially in Wilhelmshaven for demobilisation and scheduled maintenance work required following its last project.

The ASV Pioneer continues to demonstrate its versatility working on a range of contracts including cable lay, cable maintenance and salvage/wreck recovery.  The large, open deck space and the high quality accommodation offered by the ASV Pioneer showcases that the vessel is an extremely flexible solution for offshore projects. In a previous project the vessel was equipped with an A-frame and associated carousel for a cable-laying contract in the North Sea.

Currently the ASV Pioneer is configured as an accommodation complex for up to 120 people on-board, including two person cabins complete with en-suite facilities, galley, mess, gym, medic and recreational facilities. The vessel accommodation complex is manufactured to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079 standards and provides a large working open deck area measuring 1100m2, with a load capacity of 15te/m2.

Utilising the large open work deck, the vessel was adapted for its latest contract to accommodate a range of specialised equipment required for salvage and wreck recovery work.  These included a D023/IMCA compliant surface supplied air-diving spread consisting of a dive-control unit, a decompression chamber, workshop and 2 diver launch and recovery systems, and several light working class ROVs.  The on-board service crane was supported by 3 additional mobile cranes: an hydraulic crawler crane with hook positioning and an 14te orange peel grab as well as 5m³ bucket grab, an excavator crane with positioning system, an extended boom (up to 21m), a large shear system MD500, rotatable shear system MS130, an 3m³ buck grab and an orange peel grab and an Akerman EC420.

The vessel also carried an extensive survey package with a processing container unit and a deployable tender craft equipped with a R2SONIC 2024 bathymetric system. In addition 4 x tug positioning units to track and monitor any support craft were available.

The combination of the high standard accommodation and the large open deck space that can be configured to suit a variety of industrial equipment, mean that the ASV Pioneer provides a comprehensive and comfortable work environment for long and challenging marine and offshore projects.

About ASV Pioneer Ltd

Originally owned and converted by the Aberdeenshire-based Ferguson Group the offshore support vessel is now owned by a single purpose company ASV Pioneer Limited.
The ASV Pioneer is an ABS classed work and accommodation barge and since its launch in 2011 it has worked on a range of high profile contracts across a number of market sectors including offshore wind, marine, salvage and wreck recovery.
For more information about the vessel contact the company on [email protected]

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