Atlantis targets the French tidal market
Thursday, Mar 16, 2017
Atlantis, a world leader in tidal energy, today announced its intention to penetrate the French tidal energy market through a cooperation agreement with INNOSEA, a French company specializing in marine engineering , Based in Nantes.

France ranks second in Europe in terms of tidal energy resources. In collaboration with INNOSEA, Atlantis is preparing an industrial project to set up shop in the French market. INNOSEA provides advice to Atlantis on the development of a supply chain that will manufacture, assemble and distribute Atlantis AR1500 tidal turbine turbines, as well as foundation construction and installation Of the means of transport and the related logistics. The regions envisaged as potential suppliers to the supply chain include Brittany, Normandy, Aquitaine, the Pays de la Loire and the Hauts de France.

INNOSEA has developed an exclusive directory of industrial capacities in marine energy, which groups together more than 350 organizations in France with capacities (products and services) relevant to the marine energy sector. INNOSEA undertook an analysis of the fleets of vessels, operational ports, marshalling yards and logistics companies with a view to preparing a local deployment plan for commercial tidal energy projects in France for Atlantis. INNOSEA has considerable experience in this type of study, having previously carried out projects of similar scope for the offshore wind energy supply chain for France. Future work will focus on the requirements of the AR1500 turbine.

Following the tenders sent to French pilot farms by ADEME in 2014, Atlantis wishes to formally bid and participate in the French tidal energy market and immediately develop its first tidal installations in French waters. Cooperation with INNOSEA marine engineering specialist in France will be the key to obtaining the frontal engineering necessary for the installation of new installations in French sites such as Raz Blanchard in Normandy.

Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, said:

“France is a fascinating new market for the development of a tidal power project on a commercial scale that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As a leading developer of tidal energy projects, we wish to contribute to the success of the tidal energy sector in France. The success for which we have worked so hard with MeyGen has provided our team with knowledge, expertise and lessons that can be directly applied to project sites such as Raz Blanchard. Government agencies and key suppliers want access to our know-how in order to quickly develop the tidal industry, Which will be a source of prosperity for regions that have the chance to benefit from a large capacity in local resources. We have a strong history of integrating the domestic supply chain, creating jobs and stimulating direct investment from the private sector. We look forward to working with INNOSEA and the local supply chain in France to produce economical, predictable and sustainable tidal energy for this progressive nation.

We wish to make material progress in the year 2017 in terms of project identification. From our point of view, the deployment of energy generating facilities will be possible within one to two years. The AR1500 turbine system already produces electricity on a commercial scale in Scotland and our project teams are the most experienced in the world.

Atlantis has already started working with INNOSEA in the UK to deliver the Phase 1B MeyGen project, a series of multi-turbines that will be installed alongside Phase 1A in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth, Scotland. “

The CEO of INNOSEA Marine Engineering, Hakim Muslim, added:

“Atlantis tidal turbine systems are now at the forefront of the market. We believe there is considerable potential for Atlantis’ commercial projects in France. Consequently, the creation of a local supply chain project is crucial for the success of our projects in France. Our country has strong industrial partners that we have identified for Atlantis to optimize local industrial content. The industrial project we have developed for France could lead to the construction of factories dedicated to manufacturing and assembly for Atlantis if the pipeline of projects is sufficient. We are very pleased to strengthen our cooperation with Atlantis Resources and look forward to the transition to the next phases of development and engineering of commercial tidal energy projects in France. “

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