Atlas’ survey team secures exclusive supplier contract for MONITA project
Tuesday, Feb 02, 2016
Geosciences and engineering service provider Next Geosolutions has been awarded a Geophysical, UXO & Geotechnical contract to Prysmian SRL for the MONITA Project in the Adriatic Sea. Through the collaborative effort of the survey team, Atlas Professionals successfully secured exclusive supplier status to Next Geosolutions for the whole project.

The MONITA Project

The cable route survey operations for MONITA will take approximately 7 months to complete. The first Atlas team have been successfully mobilised and are now working with the back to back team for the first crew change.

“With such an important project, it is crucial to meet the teams in person, many of which are long-term loyal Atlas freelancers.  We look forward to travelling to the first crew change with some of the team members”, says Alex Meeks, Atlas Business Manager for Offshore Survey & Construction.


Atlas’ Business Manager travelled to Naples to meet with Next Geosolutions, and after negotiations were settled Atlas was awarded the contract for 100% freelance personnel supply for the MONITA project.

A Team Effort

“We are very excited about this opportunity, and during particularly difficult market conditions it is fantastic to be able to pass this positive news on to our professionals. Account Manager Will Best learned from Next Geosolutions that they were potentially going to need support for this large project. The team then started to coordinate a proposal ready for a meeting in Naples shortly after.  After the meeting, a number of discussions took place, and our proposal was accepted.  We then began to organise our first rotation of professionals. It was a great effort from the survey team.”

“MONITA Project represents a milestone in Next Geosolutions’ growth and we are glad to have selected Atlas for this scope. Personnel provision to complement our staff resources is a critical element of our delivery and relying on trustworthy professionals is an absolute must,” says Carlo Pinto, Next Geosolutions Sales & Marketing Director.

Atlas is proud to have secured this new opportunity for its personnel for the New Year, and looks forward to further collaboration with Next Geosolutions.

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