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Baosteel won the bid of Kenya project

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2009

Baosteel announced that it has won the bid of Kenya project which supported by China government in Africa successfully a few days ago,

The Company will undertake the execution and machining task of corrugated board in color painting with a Total area of 260,000 square meter, Baosteel distribution center, Baosteel branch, Baosteel metal and Real Estate Company will carry out the implement in all detail.

According to the release he UN Humanitarian Affair Coordinating Office appealed to each member state and UN organization to afford aid for Kenya government in allusion to Kenyan unquiet social and economic situation last year. Our government decided to support USD 3 million to Kenya again this year after he made an aid of CNY 20 million to this country last year. Meanwhile, China also will build a series of public establishment and infrastructure project like hospital, school, stadium and gymnasium etc in emphases in Kenya.

The release added that the heavy and large engineering material supply center of Baosteel Distribution center trailed the information of steel and iron material etc. which is involved in the state-aid foreign project nearly for carrying out his social obligation and expanding his overseas markets. When the company got the news of that China commerce department have start-up the Kenyan aid project which needs to use the corrugated board with color painting, and then their people made a broad communication with commerce department and relevant Imports and Exports Company immediately. They also finished the adjective job such as enterprise aptitude auditing, credit censor and product quality affirms etc. at the same time, and coordinated commerce department to perfect the technique requirement of aid steel and iron product in the bidding documents.

The machining task of corrugated board with color painting in totally 260,000 square meter which will be used in the Kenyan project supported by China government, it’s pressed for time in delivery of goods, high requirement of quality, and it will delegate our state figure with magnitude liability. Each department of Baosteel mate and try hard to exert predomination of industrial chain after the company won the bid of Kenyan project. The distribution center communicated the project situation in detail with manufacture unit in time, explained the quality and technical requirement and so on; Baosteel branch have finished the material feeding and producing task with minimum duration; Baosteel metal and real estate company machined the color paint steel plate into corrugated board according to requirement strictly, they changed their original producing way and are carrying out the 24hours-nonstop further machining of board material with full load for ensuring complete the task with guarantee quality on time at present.

It is predicted that the first batch of corrugated board with color painting which be used in Kenya project supported by China government will be manufactured completely next month, they can be sent to the destination directly after finishing their delicate packing.


Source: Steelguru

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