Beach Energy Limited: Monthly drilling report November 2015
Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
Ex PEL 104 / 111
(Beach 40%, Senex 60% and operator)

Martlet‐2 is a standalone oil development well in PRL 137, located approximately 190 metres southwest of the producing Martlet‐1 oil well, and approximately 1.1 kilometres south‐southeast of the producing Martlet North‐1 oil well. Martlet‐2 was drilled to accelerate production from the Namur Sandstone reservoir following re‐mapping of the Martlet structure using the Mollichuta 3D seismic survey. The well will be cased and suspended as a future producer following intersection of a 4.5 metre net oil column, which was in‐line with pre‐drill estimates.

South Australian Gas
(Fixed Factor Area Joint Venture: Beach 20.21%, Santos 66.6% and operator, Origin 13.19%)

A six‐well development drilling campaign was completed in the Tirrawarra and Gooranie fields, located approximately 50 kilometres north of Moomba, targeting gas and gas liquids in the Patchawarra Formation and oil in the Tirrawarra Sandstone. The campaign was undertaken as a result of past drilling, which highlighted significant remaining potential within both gas and oil reservoirs, and findings from the detailed Patchawarra Formation study undertaken in 2011. Gooranie‐7, the final well of the campaign, was cased and suspended following intersection of gas and oil pay in target zones consistent with pre‐drill estimates.

The completed drilling campaign proved successful, with all wells cased and suspended and results ranging from in‐line with pre‐drill estimates to high‐side pay outcomes. The program also includes one deep coal fracture stimulation per well, with the aim to test incremental well productivity. Results from the deep coal fracture stimulation program are expected in Q3 FY16.

A three‐well development drilling campaign is underway in the Moomba South Field, which aims to develop booked reserves in the Toolachee and Daralingie formations. Wells will be drilled using under‐balanced drilling (UBD) techniques, a commonly used drilling method whereby wellbore pressure is maintained below formation pressure to preserve formation integrity. This approach is suitable for high permeability, low pressure reservoirs, and was successfully undertaken in the Moomba South Field in 2007. All wells will be drilled in a batch to the top of the Toolachee Formation and cased. Drilling through the Toolachee and Daralingie formations in each well will then be undertaken. Moomba‐211 and Moomba‐209, the final wells of the campaign, were drilled and cased to the Toolachee Formation. Moomba‐209 will be the first well drilled under‐balanced, with preparations to commence drilling currently underway.

A six‐well infill development drilling campaign is underway in the Moomba North Field, which aims to develop booked reserves in the Toolachee, Daralingie and Patchawarra formations. A phased approach is being executed to develop booked reserves through 26 new wells in the area, which commenced in 2014 with the drilling of six development wells. Techniques from the 2014 campaign will be applied to the current campaign, including pad drilling, optimised well designs and improved well completions. Moomba‐204 and Moomba‐205 are the second and third wells of the campaign. Both wells were cased and suspended as future Permian gas producers following intersection of gas pay which was in‐line and exceeded pre‐drill estimates, respectively.

South Australian Oil
(Fixed Factor Area Joint Venture: Beach 20.21%, Santos 66.6% and operator, Origin 13.19%)

Merrimelia‐64 is a horizontal oil well targeting the low‐deliverability Murta oil reservoir, and is part of an ongoing trial to assess horizontal drilling in the Cooper Basin. The Merrimelia Field is located approximately 40 kilometres north of Moomba in PPL 17. Merrimelia‐64 was cased and suspended following the intersection of oil shows throughout the Murta reservoir. The well will be fracture stimulated (multi‐stage) and connected to the Merrimelia oil facility.

Eastern Flank – PL 184
(Beach 80.4% and operator, Australian Gas Fields 19.6%)

The Thylungra‐2 oil and gas exploration well is located approximately 470 metres west of Thylungra‐1 and 50 kilometres west of the Bodalla South oil field. The well targeted oil in the Hutton Sandstone, and the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations provided secondary gas targets. The well was cased and suspended as a future gas producer following intersection of approximately 17 metres of net gas pay across the Toolachee and Patchawarra formations. Minor oil shows were recorded in the basal Birkhead Formation.

Queensland Gas
(Beach 23.2%, Santos 60.06% and operator, Origin 16.74%)

The Windorah near‐field exploration program is a five‐well campaign testing simple four‐way dip closures, as well as potential for stratigraphic trap and basin centred gas plays across a large geographical area of the Windorah Trough, proximal to the Whanto Field. Whanto East‐1, located in ATP 1189 approximately 110 kilometres northeast of the Ballera gas processing plant, is the fourth well of the campaign and targeted the Toolachee Formation. The well was cased and suspended following intersection of gas pay consistent with pre‐drill estimates. This outcome represents the fourth new field discovery from the Windorah near‐field exploration program. Whanto West‐1, the fifth and final well of the campaign, is currently drilling ahead.

The broader 2015 Windorah‐Marama development project includes well head connections in the Whanto, Mt Howitt and Toby fields to the existing Coonaberry gathering system. This will allow existing stranded fields to be brought online and connections for current development and near‐field exploration drilling outcomes. Pipelines associated with the 2015 Windorah‐Marama development project were completed in Q1 FY16, with four wells connected and flowing gas. Initial flow rates from these four wells are exceeding flow rates expected from the initial eight well connection program.


Abu Sennan Concession
(Beach 22%, Kuwait Energy 50% and operator, Dover 28%)

The ZZ‐5X oil exploration well is located approximately nine kilometres to the west of the El Salmiya Field. The well is targeting the Abu Roash “C” and “E” members and is currently drilling ahead in the Apollonia Formation.

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