Benthic awarded contract in the Caspian
Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018
Benthic, a global geosciences company, has secured a contract for an offshore geotechnical investigation in the proposed Azeri Central East platform location in the Caspian.

Benthic will execute the geotechnical scope of work from the Topaz Caspian Supporter in Q1 2018. The Benthic Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) will collect a number of geotechnical borehole samples and PCPT samples across the pipeline, platform and pipeline crossing location. Following the completion of offshore operations and laboratory testing, relevant geotechnical data reports will be prepared.

About Benthic

Benthic is a global leader in offshore marine geotechnical investigation, survey, analysis and design. The Company’s proprietary PROD technology has lead the way in high quality, ultra-shallow and ultra-deepwater site investigations, with capabilities in water depths ranging from 0m to 3,000m plus. Benthic takes pride in its groundbreaking technological innovations which help to overcome technical and environmental barriers, allowing their clients to gather data in conditions that were considered prohibitive just a decade ago.

The Company continues to invest in the future, with new technologies and processes that extend the boundaries of subsea investigation and analysis. Benthic’s flexible, solutions driven approach allows delivery of timely, high quality services to clients, tailored to their unique project objectives with fewer incidents along the way.

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