BGP Challenger commenced a 2D seismic survey in offshore Brazil
Tuesday, Jun 03, 2014
BGP Seismic Vessel – SRV BGP Challenger– recently commenced a 2D seismic survey in Brazilian offshore right after its completion of a 2D survey in Namibia. With a complete routine maintenance as well as a thorough preparation, the vessel passed the audit conducted by Brazil NAVY and PSC shortly after arrival in Brazil, and allows this vessel to work within Brazilian waters till the middle of 2016. This Brazil project was able to start on schedule due to excellent planning along with timely maintenance program. The vessel tows 10km long offset streamers, and will acquire a minimum of 10,000 km 2D seismic data for Spectrum.
BGP has the capability to provide the Design & Acquisition & Processing & Interpretation integrated solutions to our client, including 2D/3D/4D marine streamer, 4COBC, undershooting, Marine Gravimetric and Magnetometric Services. Our vessels have carried out projects in USGOM, West Africa, South America, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, North Sea, Ireland, Bay of Bengal, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean Sea and East Africa. BGP seismic fleet has accumulated rich experiences in complex and challenging environment such as security risk, heavy fishing activities, shallow water, rough sea state and congested oil-field area.

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