Big step forward – Northern Gas Pipeline approval milestones reached
Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles, announced that Jemena has been granted a Pipeline Licence for the significant Northern Gas Pipeline project.

Minister Vowles said a Consent to Construct the Phillip Creek Station Compressor Facility, north of Tennant Creek has also been granted.

“Significant milestones have now been reached in the development of this major project,” Minister Vowles said.

“This is an important job-creating project for the Territory – it will generate around 900 jobs during construction and will support our Government’s plans to develop Tennant Creek as a resources industry services hub which will see many ongoing jobs.

“The Territory Labor Government has promised to restore trust by creating jobs and the construction of the Northern Gas Pipeline will help underpin that and drive development in the Barkly region.”

Mr Vowles said a thorough assessment of the Pipeline Management Plan, including the Environmental Management Plan, was undertaken and included an independent review.

“It is a priority of government that the pipeline be constructed in such a way that it delivers safe and secure infrastructure that meets the requirements of the Northern Territory,” Minister Vowles said.

The independent NT Environmental Protection Authority has assessed the Northern Gas Pipeline’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and recommended that the project be given approval to construct and operate the pipeline within the Northern Territory.

The NT EPA made eight recommendations as part of its EIS assessment, all of which have been addressed as part of the Pipeline Management Plan and associated Environmental Management Plan for this section of the project.
The recommendations from the Commonwealth environmental regulator have also been addressed as part of the Pipeline Management Plan.

As part of this Government’s commitment to transparency, the project’s Environmental Management Plan will be made available online and the Department of Primary Industry and Resources will provide regular updates on compliance and enforcement of the Environmental Management Plan throughout the project.

The Territory Government will continue to work with Jemena to deliver this important job creating project.

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