Brookfield and Its First Nations Partners Proceed With Feasibility Stage of the Pehonan Hydroelectric Project
Friday, May 14, 2010

Brookfield Renewable Power and its partners, the James Smith Cree Nation, Peter Chapman Cree Nation, the Chakastapaysin Band of the Cree and Peter Kiewit Sons Co., announced today that an agreement has been reached with SaskPower to launch the feasibility stage of the Pehonan Hydroelectric Project, located on the Saskatchewan River.

The feasibility stage will determine the project’s economic viability from a technical and environmental perspective. This stage could take up to four years, including completing the environmental assessments and, if successful, would enable the project to proceed to the development and construction stage. Should the project proceed to the construction stage, a partnership between Kiewit and the three First Nations will engineer, procure and construct the project.

Development of the project would increase Saskatchewan’s installed renewable generation capacity by approximately 250 megawatts with proven clean technology. In addition, it will enable our First Nations partners to be involved in the development and ownership of a long life power asset providing a sustainable benefit stream for future generations.

“We have dedicated considerable time and effort over the past several years working with our partners, as well as the Saskatchewan Government and SaskPower, to establish the partnership and conduct pre-feasibility work. We are pleased to be in a position to launch the feasibility stage,” said Richard Legault, President and CEO of Brookfield Renewable Power. “We look forward to working with our First Nations partners, Kiewit, the Province, SaskPower, and the community through this next stage.”


Source: Marketwire

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