Your Project News Toolbar

At Your Industry News we have developed a downloadable search tool for Project News.  It allows you to search for project news through entering in a single keyword.
It is the latest technology as a business development tool for CEOs, Managing Directors, Business Development Managers, Engineers and Senior Management.  
It currently runs on PCs both in Windows XP and Windows Vista and is compatible with Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8

The toolbar neither collects nor stores any private or public search data or any usage statistics

The Project News Toolbar Delivers  

• The first project news-specific content toolbar for industry
• Highlight your search terms in all project news results not just the titles
• Search news on a company when you are visiting their web-site
• Search news on a specific project, field or discovery
• Search news on a specific product used in projects

Installations and  instructions below

Double click the setup file:

Click next, it gives you a choice of where to install

Click next, the installation happens and shows this when complete:

When you press close, Internet Explorer opens and you can see the toolbar. Note that ie8 has a cross to the left of the toolbar to close it.


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